Balance Boards

When the weather isn't great, you might want to think about training and having fun in side.  You should think about balance boards.  RI weather is unpredictable, and having a way to sharpen your skills when being outside isn't favorable, these boards provide a fun alternative. 

Indo Board

The Indo Board Original Wave has an all wood textured deck with the Indo Man logo being tubed by a large wave- photo by world-renowned photographer Aaron Chang. The Indo Board Training Package is like having a mini gym in the comfort of your living room.  Get Indo IT!


Handmade in Vermont, Vew-Do balance boards are world renown and a must for anyone looking to sharpen their surf, snowboard and/or skate skills.  Or just anyone looking to improve their balance and core strength.  Vew-Do boards cover a whole range abilities and activities.  If your into awesome fun and great work-outs these boards are for you.