This is our New England snowboard area guide based on some of the spots that are near and dear to us.  We will continue to add places to the guide throughout the season, and if you want to check the conditions at a place not located in our list, just click the "ski reports" logo at the bottom and you will be able to see what is going on everywhere-near and far.


New England Snowboard Area Guide
Wachusett Mountain is the go-to mountain for those of us in Southern New England who need to get our shred on as soon as possible.  Just an hour away from Providence and Boston with an awesome park and massive snowmaking capabilities.  We also partner with them to offer excellent deals to learn to ride or ski.



Sugarbush is a bit of an unsung spot in Warren, VT.  While the ride is a little longer than to get to some of the other resorts, Sugarbush boasts excellent facilities with a great vibe, extensive terrain options, and two peaks to chose from- Lincoln Peak, and Mount Ellen.  Each area has a very different feel.  Sugarbush doesn't typically get as crowded as many other resorts, which means you spend less time in line and more time having fun.  And the towns of Waitsfield, Warren, and nearby Waterbury have some really neat restaurants, breweries, and Ben & Jerry's.  If you need a place to stay, Wilder Farm Inn is a favorite of ours.


New England Snowboard Area Guide

Sugarloaf Mountain sits way up in the hinterlands of Maine, and it gets some of the very best snow in New England.  Undisputably, Sugarloaf has some of the best and funnest terrain in all New England.  Their restaurants and bars are also awesome.  



Loon is a favorite of many Rhode Islanders.  It's easy to get to and is a quick 3 hour ride away.  Loon offers some of the best parks in the east and it has a variety of terrain for riders and skiers of all levels.  



Sunday River is one of New England's larger resorts.  There are 6 parks, almost 300 acres of tree skiing, and extensive snowmaking capabilities making Sunday River one of the first resorts to open for the season and one of the last to close.



Ragged Mountain is a hidden gem just 2.5 hours away from Providence.  We love these smaller mountains that have varied terrain, good facilities, and an unfussy vibe.  There are two separate peaks to spread out across, and crowds are usually not as big of an issue here as many other spots.  More time riding=more time having fun.



Mount Sunapee is another hidden gen 2.5 hours away from Providence.  Close to the city of Concord, it's our choice for a same day round trip powder day outing.  It has a small mountain vibe, but plenty of trails to keep you busy.  It's a fantastic choice for intermediate riders to have their pick of the mountain and gain confidence.  



New England Snowboard Area Guide
Okemo Mountain overlooking Ludlow, VT has been our home base for the last couple of years.  They have a killer pass deal that extends to Mount Sunapee and also offers 5 free days at Crested Butte, CO.


New England Snowboard Area Guide
If you like easy access, old school trails, fun parks, family oriented riding with little crowding then Pats Peak is the place.  For peeps just learning to snowboard, the Puff trail is quite possibly the best newby trail in New England to get started on.   


New England Snowboard Area Guide

Jay Peak peeking five miles from the Canadian Border is premiere New England's powder hill with lake-affect snow pummeling the twin peaks and world-class glades.  Not many mountains offer such a wide variety of easy sidecountry access, sweet cliff bands, amazing glades and great learning areas.


New England Snowboard Area Guide 

Wildcat Mountain is most the scenic mountain in New England with a front row view of the entire Northern Presidential Range and a close up of Mt Washington to boot.  This is truly an old school mountain with super fun twisty trails and long rolling greens.  I have a soft spot for the Cat- it's where I learned to ride!

 new england snowboard area guide

Magic Mountain is a little treasure in Southern Vermont.  It's very old school...there are only two lifts. There is lots of neat terrain, a great vibe and not so many people as nearby Stratton, Bromley, and Okemo.  Don't expect frills at Magic, but expect super friendly people who love to ride and have a great time.  Tip-if you like to hike, you can hike up for free and after a snow storm, you will find stashes that make the hike well worth it!

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