For a great array of paddleboard accessories, RI has a new option.  Neverbored has sunglasses, headwear, dry cases, suction cup bottle holders, life vests and more...

Anarchy Eyewear
Anarchy Eyewear was founded in the streets of youth culture and draws its influence from the core of music, action sports, fashion, art and the act of being independent and living life on your terms. Anarchy Sunglasses are designed to complement the independent customer who carves his own path in life. Anarchy customers are unique and lifestyle driven and they demand a brand and products that reflect their nature.

Body Glove Sunglasses
Amazingly, Body Glove has been a part of the surf industry since 1953 and they are still a family-owned company protecting watermen above and below the waters surface! And they make floating sunglasses-bonus!

Buff headwear is popular with millions of outdoor enthusiasts who benefit from its versatility. Buffs can be worn as scarves, bandannas, headbands, hats, facemasks or wristbands. Put simply, Buff headwear is uniquely versatile, designed to achieve a high level of comfort and protection from the elements.

Creatures of Leisure 
Creatures of Leisure is an Australian company that have been making surf leashes and other accessories since 1972.  They are the most trusted and reverred company of their kind in the industry today.  

FloatEyes has been the innovator of the floating eyewear retainer since 1985, and continues to produce the highest quality in floating outdoor accessories.  Neverbored carries a wide range of FloatEyes sunglass retainer styles including their watersport, outdoors and non-floating lines.

Joshua Tree 
Joshua Tree produces an amazing collection of organic lip balm, face sticks, and healing salves.  Originally based in a small town just outside of Joshua Tree National Park where the rock climbing community swore by their products, Joshua Tree now manufactures and distributes out of Michigan. The folks at Joshua Tree are leaders in research and development of potent herbal products that heal skin after tough workouts and protect it from the effects of harsh natural elements.

MTI Adventurewear 
MTI has over 20 years of making life jackets.  We have MTI life jacket sizes from toddlers to adults.  And we carry MTI's inflatable waist belt life preservers!  

PocketFuel Naturals made in Hood River, OR, is a delicious, all-natural energy source for hard core athletes and recreationists.  PocketFuel Naturals provide healthy, tasty, portable whole food nutrition for everyone, from elite level athletes to kids at school, office workers to travelers and commuters.  Neverbored LOVES chocolate espresso PocketFuel!   

Pura Vida Bracelets
"Pura Vida", pure it, appreciating it, celebrating it, being free.  It's an attitude.  And we think it's a really good attitude! The bracelets are made by Costa Rican artisans and are sold throughout the US.  Each bracelet is unique and the combinations are nearly endless.  It may take awhile, but there is a Pura Vida bracelet (or several) out there for everyone.

Sprout makes the most eco-friendly watches on the market today.  Sprout has been in making timepieces for over 50 years and when it comes to summing up who they are I think they say it best, 

We also have a selection of Neverbored logo shirts, hats and accessories