Flux Flux has been making quality snowboard bindings since 1992.  They have a reputation for some of the best fitting, most durable bindings on the market.  They provide a natural connection to your board enabling you to achieve the unrestricted feeling of skateboarding or surfing. 

Now Brand new company, brand new tech.  Now bindings are the result of a six year garage experiment by former pro snowboarder JF Pelchat.  In order to channel a skatey feel to snowboard bindings, he has introduced a kingpin and hangar system to provide a plate that moves with you more efficiently transferring your energy directly to the board, making initiating turns almost effortless leaving you less fatigued and snowboarding longer. 

Spark R&D  Spark is the original innovator of splitboard specific bindings.  They slide right over the mounting pucks of the Voile interface system eliminating the need for the slider track.  They mount right against the top sheet providing increased response and a more natural board feel.  These bindings are made out of ultra-light weight aluminum and have been upgraded this year with Burton ratchets and straps.  Neverbored carries both both the Blaze and Burner models.  

Gnu Gnu back door bindings for fast in and out functionality.  Super secure with a ton of adjustability.