what is splitboarding? and why should I care?

Welcome to our splitboarding page.  We will try to come up with awesome posts about splitboarding, splitboarding gear and other related topics.  Why?  Because we like being free and stuff. And we want you to try splitboarding. 

Neverbored carries Jones splitboards (men's and women's), Jones snowboard backpacks, Voile splitboard skins, Voile splitboard interface system, Voile touring poles, and Spark R&D splitboard bindings.  That's everything you need to get the ball rolling!

Splitboards- so many rumors, so many questions.  Well, let's put an end to the intrigue and let the cat out of the bag on this fascinating and relatively new niche sport.  

Actually, this is just an attempt to answer some basic questions people have been asking lately regarding splitboarding.  It's not an in-depth analysis on various pieces of gear and new tech.  And it's definitely not a video that addresses safety standards to follow while in the backcountry. 

The clinic consists of two videos.  The first is an overview of the splitboarding concept and in the second I actually strap in and demonstrate (albeit feebley) what touring on a splitboard looks like in action.

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The new Spark R&D Tesla System.

Check out a couple of new video clinics on how to upgrade your 2011/2012 Spark splitboard bindings over to the new Tesla system.  No more pins!

Next, watch how to set up the new Tesla splitboard hardware.

The last video shows how to transition from riding to touring mode and engage the built-in climbing wires on the Spark R&D Tesla system.

Magic Mountain Splitboard and Hike

New Years weekend we decided to check out Magic Mountain in Vermont.  We heard from a customer that it had great terrain and they had low crowds.  Just how low we never would've guessed!  Turns out the lifts were down due to mechanical difficulties.  

They also are one of few ski areas that allow splitboarders and hikers to have at it!  So for two days we had more fun than any day this year.  Blasting though powder stashes with no one around.  Meeting other splitboarders and skinners on the way up.  And talking with the locals who, I have to say are some of the friendliest and coolest people on the planet.  We can't wait to get back there! 

Here's an edit of one of our tours up the mountain.  Sorry for the poor picture quality- apparently this POV doesn't like overcast skies.  

Spark R&D has a new binding out! The Magneto

At the Spark SIA booth in Denver this year I got really excited about their new Magneto binding.  It is a big step forward in splitboard binding design.  No more fiddling with pins!

St. Paddy Day Split on Mount Cardigan

With Spring on our heels and the splitboards barking at us from the office room, we knew we had to set to it and get some peaks toured up. Cardigan was a quick and easy lap and we had beautiful weather. The snow pack was goddamn treacherous- land mines everywhere. But it was pure fun and uber-stoke as everyday on a spitboard always is.