Classes, Rentals, and Demos

If you want to try out paddleboarding...or if you already know that you love it, we have lessons and rentals available to get you some more water time.



We offer paddleboard lessons with an ACA, Paddlefit Level 2, and WPA Certified Instructor

Our lesson rates are per person and last approximately 90 minutes. Lessons include the board, paddle, leash, and PFD.

Private $60

Groups $40 

Social paddle rental $15


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Intro to SUP

If you haven't tried standup paddleboarding (SUP) yet, this is the class to get you started.  We will start off with some on-land instruction and a safety briefing.  Then we will move to the water.  Paddling on your knees will help you get used to the board and comfortable with how the board responds.  In just a few minutes you will be standing up and paddling, and we will take a tour of the pond.

It's easier than many people think to get up and go.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about getting started.

Intermediate SUP

Once you have a little experience paddling, and you know the basics of standing, how to hold the paddle, how to turn, and you have a measure of comfort on the board, we will start to work on paddling technique.  Good technique is important for a lot of reasons.  Injury prevention is tops on that list, but also efficiency, confidence, and the ability to handle different situations.  We will focus primarily on forward stroke technique but will also address different types of turning strokes.  

Fun Skills Clinics

Become a Pivot Turn Expert

If you have some paddleboarding experience and want to be one of the cool kids spinning your board around like a top, join us for our Pivot Turn clinic.

We will teach you how to do a proper pivot turns and show you other strokes you can pair with it to do figure 8's that will impress your friends. 

This will be a lot of fun, and you can pretty much count on getting wet, so plan accordingly.


Up Your Board Control

One of the most important factors to improving your paddling is increasing your comfort on the board. Moving around on it is one of the best ways to do this.  In this clinic we will get you moving without even realizing it, and you will add a few strokes to your bag of tricks to open up new possibilities for you.



Intro to Open Water

If you have some flatwater paddling experience and want to take things to the next level, we can add some wind, waves, and current for your challenging pleasure. This class will address safety concerns in these environments, and we will get you out feeling the swell.  

Note-you do not need any surfing skills for this.  We will not be playing in a surf break.  It will be in a relatively calm, but openwater setting so there are many more elements at play than in the pond.  But safety is our first priority.


Thirsty Thursdays

This is an approximately 1:30 minute social paddle around the pond. Following the paddle we will head over to the Thirsty Beaver for a beverage and/or snack. It will be a really fun way to meet other paddlers in the community.

This event is free with your own board, but please register for it anyway so we know who is coming. You can use promo code BYOB to waive the $15 fee.


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Check our online booking program for scheduled lessons, or we will schedule your lesson at a time convenient for you and your group.





Our rental rates are

½ day $40

Full day $55

Add'l day $30

*Local delivery of paddleboards dependent on availabliity. .  

*Please contact us if you need to make special arrangements to pick up or drop off rental boards.



We have demos available of many of our boards available for purchase. If you want to try before you buy (which we highly recommend) give us a call 401.415.6003, stop by, or e-mail to discuss which boards might be a good fit for you. Once we narrow it down to 2 or 3 possibilities, we can take them to Stump Pond for you to try.


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